PhotosApps to age you in photos

Apps to age you in photos

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Facial recognition technologies have come a long way. Today, photo aging apps offer a unique way to explore what we might look like in several decades. These apps use machine learning algorithms to modify digital photographs, offering an intriguing, and often hilarious, look at our future potential. Whether it's for curiosity, fun, or for content creation, these tools can be a valuable resource. So what are the best apps for aging photos? Follow me in this article and find out.

The best apps to age photos

Browsing through the sea of available options, I have selected five notable apps that are sure to impress you with their photo aging features.

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Firstly, we have FaceApp. This application has stood out as one of the market leaders in photo manipulation with AI, being known for the precision of its transformations. In addition to aging, the app allows you to change your hairstyle, add a beard, or even change the gender in the photo.


Next comes Oldify. With a friendly user interface, Oldify allows users to see how they would look at various ages. A unique feature is that it adds animations, allowing your older face to smile, blink and even react to various stimuli.

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On the other hand, AgingBooth is another popular option. This application is specifically focused on aging function, providing high-quality results. Simple to use, it is the ideal choice for those looking for a quick and hassle-free experience.

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Make Me Old

Furthermore, Make Me Old offers a fun photo aging experience. You can add glasses, mustache and gray hair to photos. The application also has an option to directly share the results on social networks.


Last but not least, we have Perfect365. This app is best known as a digital makeup platform, but its aging function is surprisingly effective. Additionally, it offers a wide range of other features to experiment and customize your photo.


In conclusion, we saw that photo aging apps can provide an intriguing and fun experience, allowing users to see a future version of themselves. FaceApp, Oldify, AgingBooth, Make Me Old, and Perfect365 are all great candidates to consider for this purpose. However, remember that aging is a natural process and unique to each individual. These apps are just tools to entertain us and feed our curiosity, and the portrait they generate may not be an accurate representation of how we will actually age.

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